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Welcome, Half a pie · RSS 2020-06-03, 3:55 AM

So, Paintball Party got a write-up in the BYOND news! Cool stuff! hehe.
Time for some bigger and better! When Time allows.

Anyway check it out.

Views: 13842 | Added by: Slice | Date: 2011-06-22 | Comments (1)

So, for anyone that stumbles on this post and has no idea what i'm talking about. Allegiance is the greatest game ever made, on PC.

I've been playing a little more lately and just got recruited by The Black Shadow Squadron. Got a couple of vet recommendations and am now looking forward to my game against Sysx tommorow!

If you haven't played this amazing game

http://www.freeallegiance.org =- YOU MUST
Views: 4303 | Added by: Slice | Date: 2011-06-19 | Comments (0)

Ok, so this is the go. Ive returned to the site after getting closer to finishing my games. Although not all of them. 

Solista has been put on hold, It was really only a little experimental thing anyway. Solista as seen in my head has an awesome future If I can pull it off. I mean who doesn't want to play an epic RPG with tekken style combat? I will leave it as a future project that I will take seriously next time . I totally scrapped it because it wasn't following my vision and I didn't like that. 

Ive noticed how great It is when you reach a certain point in your game. Almost like a solid base to start with. Sugoi has this and is turning out great. Now all I need is motivation and time to add in content and get some icons done. Its amazing how much content a game like this needs before it can be released properly. Each jutsu Is a ... Read more »
Views: 812 | Added by: Slice | Date: 2011-06-06 | Comments (0)

I really wanted to make an rpg. So by exploiting Adams' amazing imagination we thought up of a pretty tekken/runescape game with Brawlers, Medics, guns and... uh stuff. The game is obviously set in the world of Solista where mobs run wild and people fish, mine, bet, steal, shoot, slash, punch, heal.. etc etc.

The game isn't very well planned but eh.. who needs a plan?

You can check out the progress here: http://www.byond.com/games/Slic3y/Solista
You cant kill anything yet, but that wont be too far away.

Views: 11211 | Added by: Slice | Date: 2010-09-24 | Comments (4)

Many of us have begun playing Anarchy Online. Its a great game to play with friends so if you wish Google Anarchy Online and Join us..

Pick the Atlantean Server

You can add Slicey3, GridFreak, Fafy, Zmada
Views: 15822 | Added by: Slice | Date: 2010-09-24 | Comments (69)

The time has come, for Slice to open his site/forums and welcome all inside. (Bit corny, yeah.) The reasons Ive opened this Site is because Ive started to code games (Paintball Party, Naruto Sugoi, Acrophobia and most likely more). With you guys helping this forum and BYOND games could become well known and hopefully your input for my games with help them rise above many others. Get posting! =P
Views: 662 | Added by: Slice | Date: 2010-09-24 | Comments (3)

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