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Main » 2010 » September » 24 » Announcement Thread - Solista
5:13 PM
Announcement Thread - Solista
I really wanted to make an rpg. So by exploiting Adams' amazing imagination we thought up of a pretty tekken/runescape game with Brawlers, Medics, guns and... uh stuff. The game is obviously set in the world of Solista where mobs run wild and people fish, mine, bet, steal, shoot, slash, punch, heal.. etc etc.

The game isn't very well planned but eh.. who needs a plan?

You can check out the progress here:
You cant kill anything yet, but that wont be too far away.

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2 Slice  
Missed this, overpowered.. Amazing comment tongue

Solista will have classes, but these are obtainable whenever you choose. You can go without one, but thats an egghead move. There will be a lot of skills for general game-play which will all be of use to combat. Fishing for example will get you food.. Food will play a big part in staying alive because healing spells are really limited. I also plan to have a pretty deep mining and smelting/creating weapons and armor system. Shops will only last you until level 20 or 30, this gear wont be anything special either. Equipment will be made out of your general ores, but also out of monster items and parts that drop. these will either add better weapon strength, durability, defence or on the rare occasion an element without using your energy to power it.
As far as skills go, players will earn stat points. The higher your level the more stat points you will gain. For example; level-rank 1 = 15 stat points from levels 1-25, level rank 3 = 22 stat points etc etc.
You will also get a perk point for every level, these will give you some pretty neat bonuses like: Aggression - extra points to strength and also an aggro increase towards mobs.
Acrobat - points to evade skills and defense
and more...

But yeah, I will take more than my own view into this. two heads are better than one; booze

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1 Yurokei  
I'm a little confused as to how this game goes. Are there classes? Are there just general skills... I know there's no plan but things like that are necessary before you go on to actually developing the game. Developing as you go is nice, but you need a skeleton, and that's like the backbone.

What I suggest is having "Classes" be optional, and obtainable when ever, no matter what level. Other than classes, there can be several different "Common" paths you can take if you decide to become a class. When you take on a class, you give up the option of furthering your path in the "Common" skills, and you can only focus on your class's. However if you grow tired of the class, then you can drop it, only you will drop all of the skills that go along with it, except for maybe one or two. Then you can continue your progress along the Common path again. Again, a poor description. EXAMPLE TIME WITH YUROKEI!

I start a new game, I go through what ever little bits of tutorial you decide to make for the players. Everybody, including myself, starts off on the "Common" path. The Common path is separate from the trade skills such as hunting, fishing, cooking, ect. It is one where there's a series of passive and usable skills and enhancements that are available to everyone, with different requirements before getting them. Think of a "Skill tree" for the organization, and think of Maple Story's Beginner path as the "Common route", only much more elaborate.
As I progress through the game, leveling and completeing quests, I get to decide when I want to take on a class at around level 17. Though I could have gone straight away and become a Thief, I would rather have a few of the common skills before I wanted to limit myself to the class's skill choices. So I go and do what I gotta do to become a Theif, and now I am. Now, I start out at the beginning of the Thief path, but have some Common skills to work with so I can level easier. Note, I can not acess the Common skill path, however I can use the Common skills that I have already acquired, got it?
So I get done what I need to get done as a theif at around level 25, perhaps having done certain quests that give certain items that were only for thieves. Now, I'm done, and I want to go back to being a Common class player for a bit. So I leave behind being a thief, along with all of the skills that went with it (Except for some passive ones, but we can work that out later). And I continue along the Common path where I left off at level 17.
I have my fun doing things that Common people do, but at level 30, I find a quest coming up at level 31 that's for Fighters only. So I go and become a fighter at 31, and use some extra skill points I saved up to get pretty far into the fighter path for the quest.
I do the quest, but realised how much I liked being a thief more. So I go become a thief again. I have to start over, but perhaps the skills I've already had cost 1/2 the skill points as usual, and I already have the passives, so I don't need to get those again.
Dunno. It's an interesting system. ^^

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